Coach Alan

"Intuition is more powerful than intellect" – Steve Jobs, Einstein and aligned thought leaders

Coach Alan

Alan is a down-to-earth, compassionate, and non-judgmental big-picture thinker with a big heart. Alan is a work-in-progress, as we all are. Alan tries to see people, companies and countries as they could be. You can be even more remarkable. So too your company. So too your country.

Technology has become our master, to our detriment. Technology will become our best servant ever as soon as we have the people, culture, and behaviour side sorted. We will be astounded at the difference.

Technology has improved exponentially – due to bold investment. Humans will do the same.

Coach, Strategist, Innovator

  • Workplaces and Companies
    People, Culture, Behaviour, Change (improvement), Sustainability, Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profit), Diversity, Egoless Servant Leadership. Exponential relationships > engagement > productivity. Increased participation > contribution > revenue > GDP.
  • Alignment (Impaired vs Smart Science)
    Maslow, Dweck, Kuhn, Wilber, Grof, Frankl, Einstein, Poincaré, Emerson, Salk, Szent-Györgyi, Engel, Pink, Musk, Jobs, Gardner, Zohar, Harris, Gandhi, Mandela, Bonhoeffer, Barth, Ellul, Luther, Spurgeon, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky.
  • Domain expertise
    Impaired Science vs Smart Science. Smart Investment: massively reduced risk, massively increased return. Brain-mind science. Human Potential. Human Intelligence, Cognitive Science. Smart Mental Health. Disruptive Innovation, Exponential Strategy. Coherent Holistic Frameworks (business, economy, science, leadership, thinking, learning, intelligence/s, health, humanity). The enigmatic human condition. Religious vs Secular vs Spiritual. Darkness masquerading as light. The mysterious, hidden underpinnings of revolutions (the first reformation of society, the enlightenment).
  • Specialities
    Smart science. Smart leadership. Smart business. Smart education. Smart jobs. Smart government. Smart economy. Smart Mental Health (new therapies, recovery oriented, strengths based, client-centered, self-determination). Simplifying brain-mind science, natural health (homeostasis), natural medicine, high-control religions (cults), Human Superintelligence, Intuitive Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, Existential Intelligences, Pneuma-toxicology.
  • Orientation, Values, Beliefs
    Smart Science communicator and innovator, Spiritual, Liberal, Progressive, Emergent, Egalitarian, Humanist (non-secular, non-religious), Futurist, Transhumanist (natural, organic), Transcendentalist (intuition over empiricism), Existentialist (enlightened free agents have high existential intelligence and unlimited potential for good). Anyone can become a polymath (synthesise, distill, and draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems). Synoptic philosophy (seeing everything together) is indispensable to human progress.
  • Mental Health
    Stress, Anxiety, Abuse, Trauma, Anger, Bipolar, Asperger's Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Schizophrenia, OCD, PTSD, involuntary patients, Psychiatric Hospital wards, NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme).
  • Advanced Frameworks and Therapies
    Smart Science. Smart leadership. Smart Mental Health. Smart business. Big Picture, Extended Cognitive Behaviour, Advanced Twelve Steps, Integrative Synoptics and Synthesis, Guided Discovery, Socratic Method, Tacit Knowledge Transfer, Cognitive Science.
  • Interests
    Timeline Therapy, EMDR, Clinical Hypnosis.
  • Business, workplace, and life experience
    Engineering > Mining & Metals (Platinum Group Metals, Chrome, Gold, Uranium, Aluminium) > Business > IT > Education > Research and Development > Brain-mind science > Cognitive Science > Mental Health.
  • Outlook
    Optimistic, LGBTI friendly, migrant friendly, female friendly, diversity friendly, post-religious, post-secular, pro-grace, restorative justice, non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-denominational, non-institutional, non-hierarchical, non-violent, non-coercive, non-new age, non-psychic, non-Jungian, focus on Judeo-Christian-Muslim commonalities.
  • Highly in favour of
    Unity, peace, inclusivity, human freedom, self-determination, autonomy, altruism, liberal arts, humour, smart science, soft power, macro ecumenism ("what unites us is infinitely greater than what divides us").
  • ​Maxims
    Raise our hopes – lower our expectations. Addiction is a disease of the spirit. We are all addicted to unhelpful ways of thinking. Workplace spirituality reverses the heartlessness at the core of toxic workplaces. Religion divides us – spirituality unites us. Spirituality enlightens, uplifts and heals us. For whatever reason, our 'right brain' is turned off by default, and our 'left brain' does all it can to keep it that way. Limitless intelligences live in our 'right brain'. Our 'right brain' is 10,000x smarter. The enormously sophisticated human brain-mind has very powerful autonomous navigation systems, that must be turned on to work properly. They are responsible for self-regulation and self-healing in the body-mind-spirit-social domains (homeostasis or cybernetics). One enlivened decision maker can add millions / billions / trillions of dollars.
  • Google Image Search
    "religion vs the gospel"
  • The gospel, evangel, good news, good message, glad tidings, sacred secret, word
    A universal, inclusive, unifying, egalitarian, magnanimous, non-religious, non-secular, non-sectarian, non-denominational, non-clerical, message of unconditional love, boundless progress, soaring spirituality and limitless abundance, hidden in plain sight, throughout the common ancient texts, of more than half of earth's population, for thousands of years. A cure-all medicine, map, and blueprint. The ultimate Rosetta Stone. The ultimate touchstone. The ultimate truth. Raniero Cantalamessa: "What unites us is infinitely greater than what divides us". AW Tozer: "We tend by a secret law of the soul to move toward our mental image of God".
  • The ultimate context
    Via art and metaphor: The Last Crusade (1989). We are able to see and decode (advanced) metaphor when our limitless 'right brain' is turned on. Our limited literalist 'left brain' is quickly and easily overwhelmed, scared and stymied by metaphor (think Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory).
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