(customer journey)


While the usual starting point is an Introductory Presentation/Workshop, the journey is customisable and flexible to suit the circumstances and needs of the customer.

Further stages and levels are also optional. The end-goal is a large scale transformation project.

All subject to quote and availability.

Introductory Presentation/Workshop > One-on-one Coaching > Group Coaching > Presentations > Seminars > Workshops > Retreats > Projects


Coaching sessions are 2–4 hours (excluding travel).

On the other end of the spectrum, projects are 4 years for companies, and 40 years for countries.

Potential outcomes

100x GDP / 1,000x MCap / 10,000x leaders / 1,000,000x people science.

Technology has improved exponentially – due to bold investment. Humans will do the same.

Timeframes depend on the size, agility, readiness, and commitment of the ship (person, company, city, state, country).

(why it works)

exponential relationships > engagement > productivity

increased participation > contribution > revenue > GDP


Smart learning, smart thinking, smart leadership, smart intelligence/s, smart science.


Coaching, guided discovery, raising consciousness with questions, Socratic method, distillation, synthesis, synopsis


Maximizing: Humanity, Equality, Health, Wellness, Productivity, Sustainability, Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profit), Disruptive Innovation, Exponential Growth, Security, ROI

The terrain

'Right brain' off

Whilst our limitless 'right brain' is turned off, we fundamentally misunderstand relationships and people, including ourselves.

We are flying blind. This permits intransigent, dysfunctional and heartless (toxic and dispiriting) leaders and workplaces to spawn.

It is also dangerous and unhealthy. Bad outcomes are everywhere, including in the family, business, government, and the economy.

The costs and losses are staggering. Think Enron, Kabul, Evergrande, Ukraine...

(Russia is spending $900 million per day on the war in Ukraine. This excludes the economic toll., 06 May 2022)

'Right brain' on

The converse is also true. When our limitless 'right brain' is turned on, we start to become our best version.

This creates preferred heart-centred (verdant and uplifting) leaders, colleagues, subordinates, workplaces, services, products, companies, and countries.

This can add millions to your family, billions to your company or city, trillions to your state or country, and quadrillions to the global economy.

Think different. Think Apple – the world's first one-trillion dollar, then two-trillion dollar, and then three-trillion dollar, private sector company.

Think peace, security and abundance for all. Think everything better, for everyone, everywhere.

Travel and Fees

Fee: your gross charge-out rate
Session: prepaid, ppph, 2hrs+
Travel: prepaid, SQ

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