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Smart Company

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Smart Economy

Smart Science for Smart Leaders

Smart Science is 'whole-brain'

Smart Science is 10,000x more powerful

Smart leaders use Smart Science to improve exponentially

Your country can have a second-to-none economic engine that delivers unbeatable economic pivots, substitutes, stimuli, growth, stability, harmony, and insurances

Think different: add millions to your family, billions to your company or city, trillions to your state or country, and quadrillions to the global economy


where we want to be, and by when

a billion ‘right-brains’ turned on in ten years

everything better for everyone everywhere (exponentially improved human relationships equals harmony, health, peace, progress, and abundance for all)


how we are going to get there

democratizing ‘whole-brain’ thinking
to renovate the human family

(tech-smart without people-smart is a fail: it’s why ‘intelligent’ people often don’t get common sense; this makes staff/citizens unhappy, disengaged, unproductive; it’s why humans can’t navigate without ‘bumping’ into each other)


why we do what we do (beliefs)

we try to see people as they could be

enabled people are more amazing than technology

your company and country can be even more remarkable

Einstein was normal – his ‘right brain’ was turned ON

anyone and everyone can make the same choice at any time

Technology has improved exponentially – due to bold investment. Humans will do the same.

Customer Value Proposition

what we offer

we help you do less ENRON and more APPLE

if McKinsey is the WHAT we are the HOW

we help you convert managers into leaders

we help your people become and give their very best

we maximize thinking, wellness, stability, and productivity

Smart Science dramatically amplifies and extends your capabilities:

you get to invent the science, technology, medicine, education, jobs, business, exports, and economics of the future right now


how it works

better staff is better business™

better citizens is better economics™

exponential relationships > engagement > productivity

increased participation > contribution > revenue > GDP

one enlivened decision maker can add millions/billions/trillions of dollars


who we are

big-picture thinkers with heart (like Einstein)

exponential strategists, engineers, and scientists

we drive global thought leadership and innovation

we aim to be the McKinsey of human improvement

we aim to be the Bechtel of socio-economic improvement projects

we uncover and map new sciences to prosper humanity

we build second-to-none economic engines


why it works

limitless intelligences live in our ‘right brain’

most problems are people-problems; far beyond our ‘left brain’

‘right brain’ ON makes us 10,000x more smart/safe/well/useful

from discord to harmony > from scarcity to abundance

millions of Einstein’s – only smarter and safer


steps, content, approach, context

one-on-one coaching > group coaching > presentations > seminars > workshops > retreats > projects (leaders & companies-4yrs, governments-40yrs)

100x GDP
1,000x MCap
10,000x leaders
1,000,000x science

smart learning, thinking, leadership, & intelligence/s

guided discovery, synopsis

sustainability, triple bottom line

Travel and Fees

Fee: your gross charge-out rate
Session: prepaid, ppph, 2hrs+
Travel: prepaid, SQ


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