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It's unsmart to be unsmart

Limitless intelligences live in our 'right brain'. However our 'right brain' is turned off by default. That means our thinking, behaviour, and institutions are massively impaired – by default. Unsmart. Heartless. Obtuse. Cumbersome. Wasteful. Dysfunctional. By default.

Begging to be disrupted, redundant and forgotten.

Surely anyone and everyone would rather be a Netflix than a Blockbuster, or an Apple rather than a Nokia, and so on.

Surely no one wants to be the next Enron, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Kabul, Evergrande, Ukraine, and so on. Yes, Kabul...

It's smart to be smart

Smart Science is the solution. Smart Science guides us through the process of turning our 'right brain' on. Smart Science transforms lumbering managers into agile Smart Leaders. Consequently impaired businesses become Smart Businesses. Less Enron, more Apple. It is a no-brainer. A single enlivened leader can add millions, billions, and even trillions to the bottom line.


The converse is also true. Heartlessness = dysfunction = a terminal cancer = unsustainable = very costly. Dysfunction costs about 20-40% of revenue or GDP, plus an even bigger opportunity cost.

Managers vs leaders

Heartless managers and companies are universally feared, loathed, and despised. On the other hand, leaders, companies, and countries with heart, are universally admired and preferred.

This is how Apple, albeit very far from perfect, became the world's first one-trillion dollar, then two-trillion dollar, and then three-trillion dollar private sector company. It explains why Apple stores look like fan clubs.

Toxic workplaces

Toxic workplaces are so commonplace we sometimes mistake them for normal. They are definitively abnormal. Heartlessness is at their core. They are fundamentally inhuman. Brutish beasts. Enrons pretending to be Apples. Emperors whose nakedness is plain for all to see. This drains staff, befuddles management, exasperates customers, and hobbles the triple bottom line. Why we needlessly tolerate them is no small enigma. Unsmart.

Workplace Spirituality

Significant academic research and publishing has been done on the benefits of workplace spirituality. There is a challenging impediment though.

Whilst our 'right brain' remains turned off, we are fundamentally incapable of telling (divisive) religion and (unifying) spirituality apart. We are unable to tell the baby from the bathwater: "endarkenment vs enlightenment" or "religion vs the gospel" or "religion vs faith" or "religion vs Jesus". The very concept of (egalitarian, universal and inclusive) spirituality might confound and offend us.

Smart Science is the answer. We can have fully powered, and fully universal, and fully inclusive (Western) spirituality sans a laundry list of pneuma-toxins that afflict and impede the limitless human spirit.

Spirituality and enlightenment have been open, accessible, and available to all for thousands of years. Unfortunately we have lost our way and abdicated to religion. We have installed a super sly fox to guard the henhouse.

Now it seems we need a coordinated democratizing effort to reverse the situation, evict the fox, and restore the bruised, battered, frazzled, and befuddled hens. The "Most Hated Church in America" is a contemporary caricature of just how out of hand things can get when religion is pushed to the max.

Anyone and everyone can choose the path of spiritual awakening and enlightenment at any time. Even beginners. Simple, indispensable, and powerful guardrails are available and work very well when used and respected: "we agree to help each other let go of religion and pursue the un-redacted liberating gospel message instead".

A simple Google image search can provide an overview of the terrain: "religion vs the gospel".

The gospel is an irrevocable and ultimate blueprint and message about unconditional love, ultimate connection, divine equality, egalitarian living, divine freedom, divine harmony, endless variety, total security, solid identity and belonging, massive personal significance, limitless intelligences (enlightenment), boundless progress and growth, natural law and order, never ending peace, massive contribution and value, and priceless citizenship, for every living being, for all eternity, starting whenever we are ready.

The liberating gospel message, has been hidden in plain sight, throughout the common ancient texts, of more than half of earth's population, for thousands of years. Really.

By divine law, the gospel message is humanity's only and ultimate de jure cure-all medicine with at least 30 key ingredients. Really.

Religion invariably redacts, pollutes, diminishes, and contradicts the liberating gospel message. Thankfully anyone and everyone can un-redact, pursue, and grasp the richly multi-faceted game-changing message at any time.

Millions have done just that throughout history – almost always against the prevailing tide, at great personal cost, in spite of many personal failings and limitations, solo, and with widely varying degrees of success.

Only a handful have posthumously risen to a level where millions are at least partially familiar with (some of) their names, work and insights: Gandhi, the transformed Mandela, Bonhoeffer, Barth, Ellul, Luther, Spurgeon, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky...

Spiritual awakening is big picture thinking and seeing: "God has no religion" (Gandhi).

The ball has been in our court for thousands of years. We choose when the tide turns, and when needless human befuddlement and suffering ends. And when divine enlightenment becomes mainstream and unstoppable.

Consciousness revolution

The Great Reassessment (The Big Rethink) has begun. The consciousness revolution is also gaining momentum. It will eclipse and rectify all previous revolutions. We can choose and design it to be the most peaceful, most honest, most valuable, and most intentional revolution ever. This is very good news for everyone everywhere.

Everybody can see our uglies

Heartless naked emperors are on notice.

Clothes or humiliation. Apple or Enron. Grow or decline. Leadership or bureaucracy. Enlightenment or endarkenment.

Holy Grail or Poison Chalice (The Last Crusade, 1989). Good or evil. Spirituality or religiosity.

Humanistic or mechanistic. Natural or contrived. Natural or synthetic. Effortless or laboured. Magnanimity or "verkramptheid". Unity or "apartheid".

Transcendental or legalistic (glacial, inconsistent and obtuse). Natural law and order, or lawless legalism. Natural morality, or immoral moralism (eg celibate priests raping children).

Valjean (grace) or Javert (law). Progressive or reactionary. Restorative Justice (Norway) or Retributive Justice (USA). Low recidivism or high recidivism. Low incarceration or high incarceration.

Eternal or terminal. Indispensable or expendable. Relevant or redundant. Revered or despised. Remembered or forgotten. Peace or violence. Harmony or discord. Abundance or scarcity. Oasis or desert.

'Right brain' ON or OFF.


participation, contribution, productivity, engagement, sustainability, wellness, stability, significance, reputation, value, growth, ROI...

A simple choice.

Please don't fear clothes. Please "choose wisely" – get dressed for limitless upside: everything better for everyone everywhere.

Unbounded benevolence

The universe is benevolent. It wants us to overcome darkness and dysfunction. It has given us powerful tools to do so.

Namely our 'right brain'.

And the limitless intelligences that live there.

They are classed as "existential".

They are 10,000x times more powerful than "intellect" or IQ.

Einstein demonstrated this powerfully, albeit partially, especially in his "annus mirabilis".

Einstein was a prolific attributer. We cannot pin our ignorance on him.

Human Super Intelligence is above and beyond Artificial Super Intelligence

Tannya Jajal provides a very elegant definition: "Existential intelligence is the intelligence of big picture thinking".

Without Existential Intelligence there would have been no Einstein.

Consider how far above and beyond conventional wisdom and resources Einstein worked:

no computer, no internet, no laboratory, no equipment, no experiments, no measurements, no 5 senses, no problem!

Einstein was deeply puzzled by the prevailing and perennial apathy toward the open secret of polymath genius on tap, anytime, for anyone and everyone:

"I very rarely think in words at all. A thought comes, and I may try to express in words afterwards."

"The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you and you do not know how or why. All great discoveries are made in this way". (unsourced variant)

"The more I read, the more puzzled I was by the order of the universe and the disorder of the human mind."

"So many people today – and even professional scientists – seem to me like somebody who has seen thousands of trees but has never seen a forest."

"Few people are able to express opinions that dissent from the prejudices of their social group. The majority are even incapable of forming such opinions at all."

Sometimes resistance to the awakening of our inner genius reaches the level of intense hostility (often cloaked in all sorts of sophistry and evasion):

"To break a mental model is harder than splitting the atom" (meme attributed to Einstein).

"A few saintly personalities stand out amidst a roiling sea of jealousies, ambition, backbiting, suppression of dissent, and absurd conceits. In some fields, highly productive fields, such behaviour is almost the norm." (Carl Sagan on scientists, Science as a Candle in the Dark, 1997).

Thankfully millions, if not billions, want better for themselves and humanity, and are open to progressive and innovative application of smart science ('whole-brain' thinking).

'Whole-brain' thinking

For those who need social proof, in support of 'whole-brain' thinking:

Maslow, Dweck, Kuhn, Wilber, Grof, Frankl, Einstein, Poincaré, Emerson, Salk, Szent-Györgyi, Engel, Pink, Musk, Jobs, Gardner, Zohar, Harris, Gandhi, Mandela, Bonhoeffer, Barth, Ellul, Luther, Spurgeon, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky.


'Right Brain' ON is enlightenment.
Enlightenment is multi-dimensional.
Intuition is one of the dimensions.

Intellect vs Intuition

"It is not intellect, but intuition which advances humanity" – Albert Einstein

"Intuition is more powerful than intellect" – Steve Jobs

Intellect is suited to managing. Intellect is not suited to leading. Leading requires a cluster of people-smart intelligences: intuitive, spiritual, emotional, transpersonal, ultimate and so on.

Leading vs Managing

Managers and bureaucrats rely on authority that is imposed, faceless, coercive, contrived, carven, cowardly. Fear based.

Leaders rely on the power of serving which confers natural, uplifting, and inspiring authority. Heart centred. People centred.

"At Coca-Cola Amatil we do not believe that you can manage people [or change]. We believe that you manage systems and processes and that you lead people [or change]." – Alexandrea Cannon (Kris Cole, Management Theory and Practice, 2010)

"If serving is beneath you, leadership is beyond you" – Anonymous

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is one of the many totally game-changing products of enlightenment

Robert Greanleaf on Servant Leadership

"The best test, and difficult to administer, is: Do those served grow as persons? Do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants? While traditional leadership generally involves the accumulation and exercise of power by one at the 'top of the pyramid,' servant leadership is different. The servant-leader shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible."

"The societal structures that uphold the left-brain way of thinking will soon be overturned by the right-brain counterpart"
(The Right-Brain Revolution, Danilo Pena, Jun 17, 2018, Medium.com)

Astounding abundance and progress is imminent

Human Superintelligence – Existential Intelligence – Enlightenment – has been around as long as humans have. For whatever reason, we chose to keep it in gestation right into the 21st century. 


Is now the time? If not now, why? If not now, when? Has "the human condition" (endarkenment) not caused enough befuddlement, scarcity, violence, misery and suffering? If not enlightenment, what else?

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