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Do you want much smarter staff/citizens?

Do you want much more investment and exports?

Do you want much more wellness and productivity?

Do you want much more innovation and prosperity?

Do you want much better rankings/reputation/security?

Do you want much better investees and returns?

Do you want much less risk/dysfunction?

If so, please read on, and consider ordering your $50 trillion eESG Strategy Map right away while it is still available ("Strategy Map" email link top and bottom of page).


ESG is short for Environment, Social and Governance.

ESG is a people-friendly conscious capital movement projected to be worth more than $50 trillion by 2025.

As Bloomberg points out, this will radically reshape the global $140 trillion AUM market (2025 numbers).

ESG was arguably born in 1993 when John Elkington coined the term Triple Bottom Line (TBL) to explain the importance of Environmental and Social considerations for companies, cities, states, and countries that don't want to be the next Enron & Co.

Rampant rapaciousness is self-defeating

Rampant rapaciousness is self-defeating


ESG is aspirational and elusive. Hence "greenwashing". Hence "Cannibals with Forks" (1997). Hence "Zombie companies". Hence disaffected customers and staff. Hence endless Royal Commissions (in Australia for example).

ESG is the WHAT.


eESG is boundless capability.

eESG is Enlightened ESG.

eESG happens when we turn our 'right-brain' on.

eESG is the HOW.

Let's make the shift today.


Aspirational and elusive



Boundless capability


The rationale

The most powerful guidance systems in the universe live in our 'right-brain'. For whatever reason, they are dormant until awoken.

Leaving our 'right-brain' turned off is why our best intentions are often swamped by our worst nightmares. The list is long...

Imagine you owned a very fat cash cow in the form 1,000 fully autonomous self-driving Tesla taxis. What would happen to your cash cow if you turned off the guidance systems on every vehicle and chose to drive every vehicle yourself?

Sadly that is how most companies, institutions, cities, states, and countries are run today. The cost/loss is enormous: about 20–40% of GDP/revenue plus an even bigger opportunity cost.

Just in case the point was missed: your staff/citizens are cash cows in waiting and your TBL is looking anemic (or anaemic).

"It is time to either step up — or to get out of the way" (John Elkington, Harvard Business Review, 25 June 2018).

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