Much Better

Immense opportunity

Dysfunction is obviously inevitable when the most powerful half of our brain is turned off, and needlessly allowed to remain off.

The total cost of this dysfunction is enormous. About 20–40% of GDP or revenue. Plus an even bigger opportunity cost.

Thankfully a major turnaround is in the making.

Primed and aligned – Megashifts in search of better

Millennials make up more than half of the US workforce. They are the "most ideologically driven generation of American workers ever". "This cohort of citizens, the biggest in US history, is demanding more integration of their money and personal values".¹

The shift to conscious leadership, culture, capital, companies, cities, states, countries and investment is very much underway.

"Today, sustainable investing accounts for more than $35 trillion in assets under management (AUM) globally and is on track to exceed $53 trillion in global AUM by 2025. This represents more than a third of the projected total assets under management globally".²

Immense ROI

Humans will improve exponentially, the way technology has, in response to aligned, bold, conscious and visionary investment.

A moderate investment in 'whole-brain' thinking has inherently enormous leverage. The power of Smart Science is astounding.

±4% of GDP can return 100x GDP
(over 30 to 40 years)

±10% of revenue and
±20% non-voting stock
can return 1,000x MCap
(over ±20 years)

Leaders can improve 10,000x
(over ±4 years)

People Science can improve 1,000,000x
(over 5 to 30 years)

Immense structural remediation

Idiomatically at least, cure costs 16 times more than prevention.

The opportunity costs, and burden of dysfunction, are also enormous.

Plus, a flawed strategy (read unenlightenment) can make cure impossible even with a multi-trillion dollar budget (think Kabul).

Let's move to conscious business, conscious finance, conscious capitalism and conscious investment post-haste.

It is time to decommodify or demonetize sickness, bureaucracy, war, crime, violence, drugs, incarceration, recidivism, retribution,  sectarianism, tribalism, hierarchy, inequality, inequity, ignorance and the like. They should become unprofitable.

It is time to commodify, monetize or reward health, (servant) leadership, peace, social good, natural medicine/s, community, unity, enlightenment, equality, participation, contribution, meaning, purpose and the like. They should become profitable.

It is time to transition from fear-based to hope-based investments.

It is time to transition from investing in impaired science to investing in smart science.

It is time to transition to investing in smart leaders, smart companies, smart cities, smart states, and smart countries instead.

The ROI uplift will be unprecedented.

The decrease in risk will be unprecedented.

Turning on our 'right brain' is what opens the door to these indispensable low-risk high-return 100x investments.

Immense ranking improvement

What are your company and country rankings? Let's deploy Smart Science to repair this now.

Your company, city, state, or country can climb to number one.

Smart Science is our best, simplest, and only solution because it turns our limitless 'right brain' on.


1. Diane-Charlotte Simon - Crédit Agricole - May 2016, Fortune - May 2015, Investment Company Institute - Jun 2015, Goldman Sachs

2. Morgan Stanley - Oct 2021, GSI Alliance - Aug 2020, Bloomberg - Feb 2021

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