Mental Health

Beautiful Minds can be recovered

The limitless human mind is beautiful beyond words. It also has powerful protective, self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms.

Unfortunately most of these reside in our 'right brain' which is turned off by default. Our 'left brain' is easily overwhelmed and broken when left to fend for itself in intense situations (including toxic workplaces).

The problem is compounded by the lack of 'whole-brain' science and thinking in the revolving-door mental health industry.

This rampant heartlessness likewise pervades every corner of "civilised" society and causes endless and needless human misery, suffering, frustration, and befuddlement on an industrial scale.

In Australia for example, mental illness costs $500 million per day. This excludes the much bigger opportunity cost of not turning our 'right brain' on.

All is not lost though. There is a better way. Beautiful Minds can be recovered. That is the title of a reprint of the hope filled March 10, 2002 New York Times article by Dr Courtenay M. Harding.

Contrary to popular opinion, helpful therapies exist, and both improvement and recovery are possible.

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Mental Illness

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Enlightened Executive Coaching draws on lived experiences of recovery from mental illness

You won't feel like you are talking to a textbook, pill, or brick wall


I am recovering my life back, thanks to my coach who is calm, grounded, kind & insightful. (MM, Logan Australia – bipolar, anxiety, trauma, abuse, psychosis, 30-year history, long term client)

You have given me the words I was looking for, and opened a world of possibilities, thank you. (TS, Brisbane Australia – toxic workplace)

My coach challenged and equipped me to overcome my fear, and gave me the "permission" I thought I needed to compete in a male dominated team. I backed myself hard and went from worst to first in a week. (TL, Brisbane Australia – Oil & Gas industry)

The lights came on with a bang in a single 4-hour marathon session. My coach was as surprised as I was. I only told him afterward that I am a member of MENSA. Neither of us had any idea how primed I was for change. Talk about serendipity! (SH, Gold Coast Australia – severely beaten down by life and religion; from literally bent over, lifeless and shuffling to literally bolt upright, smiling, happy and spring-in-the-step. E-CBT therapy.)


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